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EN `B`
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para2000 tests and reports
DiSCovery 3DiSCovery 3DiSCovery 3DiSCovery 3DiSCovery 3DiSCovery 3


DiSCovery-3 pilots gallery and feedback:

* Beautiful fall in Pemberton Ed Colwel, 2008
* D3 ridge soaring in winter Beskid Mountain, South Poland, December 2008
EN B! This means that DiSCovery3 can be used even in flight schools! A perfect result for a wing which was created with serious flying and XC in mind...
Explicit performance and safety together
Discovery3 is a modern intermediate paraglider with dynamic and easy handling. Our primary goal during the Discovery3's design stage was to conserve all the advantages of our bestselling DiSCovery2 while incorporating the latest materials and wing design technology to give our new glider enhanced performance and durability. New sail fabrics give us the opportunity to make what we thought was a very good looking sail, even better (of course while maintaining safety and longevity). We think we have achieved our goal and hope you have the opportunity to discover for yourself if we did. Discovery3 has been certified as meeting the requirements of an EN Class B Paraglider
Technical Description
DiSCovery3 is an excellent choice for both those who love classic designs and those who seek the lure of high-tech materials and the latest innovations in paraglider construction. DiSCovery3 has a complex internal structure not typically found in EN Class B gliders. The compression straps, full-chord V-ribs and partially closed leading edge make DiSCovery3 vibration-free and solid even at maximum speed, which exceeds 50 km/h. DiSCovery3 combines high passive safety and good nature of a classical Intermediate wing with agile behaviour, explicit performance and innovative technical solutions which bring it to the leading edge of modern glider design. The new line system design reduced the amount of lines required compared to Discovery2. This helps to give Discovery3 a better glide ratio and reduced sink rate . The top surface is made entirely with Gelvenor OL-KS 49 g/m2, famed for its durability and protection from UV, giving Discovery3 greater longevity and toughness for when things get a little rough. discovery3 -27 has been tested according to the EN standards.